Sing when you're drilling!

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Tony Thurling meets an oral surgeon who combines entrpreneurial flair with Yorkshire grit.

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Hannah Parry
Friday 12th June 2015

Sing when you're drilling! Dentist croons along to the classics to soothe his patients while working on their teeth

  • Dr Ebi Bamgboy is known as the 'singing dentist' by patients and staff
  • He has become famous for ability to calm customers by crooning classics
  • His favourite 'golden oldies' include hits by Elton John and Gladys Knight

A trip to the dentist can strike fear into the heart of many but now one oral surgeon has found a novel way of calming down his nervous patients - by crooning to them.

Dr Ebi Bamgboy has become known as the 'singing dentist' at his clinic in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, for his ability to calm his customers just with the sound of his voice.

The 56-year-old oral surgeon said he had been singing for as long as he could remember and finds it a great way to soothe the nerves or simply break the ice.

He said: 'I'm a specialist oral surgeon, so patients get referred to me for undergoing work, for example on wisdom teeth.

'People get very nervous in the chair, so I find singing helps soothes their nerves. Mostly it just makes them laugh and breaks the ice.

'In some cases I have to use sedation drugs or gas and air, but for those who don't need it I will sing to them.

'In most cases it distracts them and gives them something else to think about, it distracts them from what they are nervous about.'

Married father-of-two Dr Bamgboye enjoys singing along to 'golden oldies' on the radio as the patients sit in his chair at the Kings Capitol Clinic.

He said: 'I love classical music, but my staff find it makes them fall asleep so we came to a compromise and play Magic FM.

'I love singing to anything from the 1970s and 80s. The last song I sung that was on the radio was 'Amazing Grace' by Elvis.'

Dr Bamgboye's favourite artists include Elton John and Gladys Knight and the Pips.

'I've been singing to patients for as long as I can remember, and I've been practicing dentistry for nearly 30 years now and been a specialist for 15 years', he said.

'It does work at calming people. Although many patients just think, 'oh dear, what have I got myself into?!'

Dr Bamgboye is not the first dentist whose voice has brought a smile to his patients.

In 2008, an NHS dentist signed a £1million deal with Sony BMG after stunning executives with his operatic interpretations of pop songs.

Andrew Bain spent a decade perfecting patients' smiles when he decided to make a last-ditch attempt for a career in music. The tenor sent off his cover of Prince's Purple Rain which was picked up by Simon Cowell's record company Sony BMG.

But Dr Bamgboye said that for him, dentistry would always come first.

'Singing is my hobby,' he explained. 'I've never taken it up professionally but I do love it. It makes people happy.

'The best thing about this job is relieving pain and seeing people smile and look better. It's very worthwhile.'

He added: 'I didn't notice myself singing at first, until one patient pointed it out.

'Now I'm known in the area and to my staff as 'the singing dentist'.

'It gets them going and puts a smile on their face.'